21 April 2009

Calling All Zenobia Lovers


The 6th century historian Procopius of Caesarea (c. 500-565 CE) tells us that Queen Zenobia built the city on the Euphrates River (below) that even today is known by her name:
on the road to Roman territory, Zenobia, wife of Odenathus, who was ruler of the Saracens in that district, once founded a small city in earlier times and gave her name to it; for the name she gave it was Zenobia, as was fitting.*

If We Don't Act Now, The Waters Will Reach This Level.

No sooner had I written about the city of Zenobia on the Euphrates (Where Did Zenobia Die?) than I received an urgent appeal from Prof. Sylvie Blétry, chief of the French-Syrian Mission, who has been leading the excavations at Zenobia/Halebiye since 2006:

The city of Zenobia, which as Procopius says, was founded by the Queen of Palmyra and refortified by Justinian, is now in mortal danger from plans for a new dam on the Euphrates River. The French-Syrian Archaeological Mission is circulating a petition in the hope of saving this fascinating site. They do not seek to cancel the project (which is needed for the development of the region) but rather to have the dam moved so that it will not drown most of the city.

Don't let Zenobia drown.

Please help by clicking here and signing the petition:

Come on, all you readers. Let's flood their mailbox instead of flooding Zenobia.

Please also forward the petition to as many interested parties as you can.

More information on the site and excavations at the Mission's webpage.

Click and sign the petition here.

The petition is written in English and French, but here is a simple translation of the information you'll need to fill in:

First Name Prénom:
Last Name Nom:
Affiliation Société:
Address Ligne d'adresse 1:
Address Ligne d'adresse 2:
City Ville:
Country Etat / Région:
Code postal:
Comments Commentaires:

Click on 'Envoyer' to send it off.
A million thanks from Zenobia and me!

Click and sign the petition here

*And then, having done a good deed, read on at
Where Did Zenobia Die?


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