23 August 2007

Total Nonsense

Following the lead of the inestimable Opinio Juris, I rushed to check my film rating, now extended by the ever helpful Mingle2 to blogs. My breath was bated but I needed to know:
is Empress of the East wholesome enough for American kids?
Opinio Juris flunked the test (No one 17 or under admitted; the fiends had brought up 'torture' 18 times!) but I just scraped through, even though they caught me saying 'dead' four times and 'punch' -- but only once ['pleased as punch'; but what the heck?].

Why is 'dead' so dangerous , whereas 'murder' is unremarked? I confess to having much murder on my blog -- Roman emperors were falling like flies in the year 238 AD; and more is on the way. My competitive spirit is stirred (Zenobia would understand). Dead, dead, dead, so there! With any luck at all, I'll soon be as naughty as Opinio Juris, never again to be read by those 17 and under. Or even, one day, win the scarlet R and be 'Restricted'. Restricted to what, I wonder?

Thank heavens, no one could take this rating stuff seriously. Not even a government. Could they?

With my next post, we return to ancient history, Little Gordian Goes to War (and comes back dead, dead, dead).

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