19 July 2008

Cleopatra: Kill Or Be Killed


An Untold Musical Story of the Most Bewitching and Powerful Woman of All Time: Part Epic, Part Soap Opera, Part Tragedy, Part Historical Fact and Part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival.

Cleopatra as a rock opera star

Belting out sensual romantic melodies, blues-rock rhythms, Latin and reggae, CLEOPATRA transports the audience to a time where the major form of news was gossip and innuendo; where centers of power were hotbeds of jealousy and death; where marriages were often mere things of convenience; and where nations made war against their neighbor simply because they could.

What else is new?

Whether thought of as a beloved Queen or disparagingly referred to as "that woman", Cleopatra wanted only one thing - a strong Egypt. But while she made great strides to that end, she could never win over her detractors, always having to deal with gossip, second-guessing (as portrayed here in the classic Greek chorus manner), and predictions of doom which foreshadowed her final downfall.

It sounds like Hillary Clinton.

Crystal Theatre presents the sensual and wondrous story of Cleopatra, who loved and owned the hearts of two of the most powerful men in the world and ruled Egypt with the strength and passion that only the true "Queen of the Nile" could possess.

Crystal Theatre is an independent, non-profit performing arts school. Cheryl E. Kemeny (book music and lyrics, musical director & co-director of CLEOPATRA) is author and composer of over 30 musicals. Founder of the Crystal Opera in 1993, she is also the co-founder and artistic director of Crystal Theatre. I think that is Cheryl on the right, doing a nip and tuck on a very Hollywood-looking Egyptian.

The show will begin performances on July 16th at the June Havoc Theatre at the Abington Arts Complex, located at 312 West 36th Street in New York City -- and runs until August 3rd.

Every year, the Midtown International Theatre Festival likes to introduce something new for audiences and participants. I wouldn't have thought Cleopatra very new, but I see what they mean and it rocks. And it's all there for you to enjoy, so come out and enjoy the festival!

[My thanks to Kat Newkirk via EEF News]

* Press report: "'A Life Unparalleled',
Woman's rock musical about Cleopatra to be staged in New York:

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