06 September 2009

Zenobia Dreaming in a Garden

I'm just back from Rome and, as you can see, not quite ready to restart blogging.

This tree frog, plopped on a bamboo chair in a nearby garden, has no desire to get back to work either. Just as lazy as I was in Rome ... she stayed put until a friend brought her camera from the house and shot -- photographically speaking -- the sweet amphibian.

Since I dubbed her a Zenobia frog, she must be a she. According to Wikipedia, European males of tree-frog varieties can be distinguished from females by their browny-yellowy, large (folded) vocal sacs in the throat region. So, Zenobia she is! Unlike the boys, she need not croak. She emits soft vibrations.

Like life in Rome.

She will have to hold the fort until I get cracking.

My thanks to MargĂ´t Hover for this photograph taken down in the valley.

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