03 September 2012

History Carnival Coming Up

Blogging Ancient/Medieval History

Kicking off the new blogging season!

The next ancient/medieval edition of Carnivalesque -- the monthly showcase for top history blogging -- will appear right here at Zenobia: Empress of the East on Sunday, 23rd September.

So please get inspired and send me links to the best ancient- and medieval-history blogging of the summer  season -- all of the fine, insightful, or just plain provoking posts that struck you while basking in Global Warming; or what you're reading right now, while prepping for the new school year.

Feel free [and especially!] to nominate your own writings as well.

You can email me directly at judith@judithweingarten.com or use the ancient/medieval nomination form.

If you're not familiar with history carnivals, hop over to the Carnivalesque Home Page where you'll find up-to-the-minute news on the ancient, medieval, and early modern history carnivals. The current Carnivalesque is up at The Georgian Bawdyhouse, casting a wicked light on all that's dearest to an 18th century slut's heart: foul crime, lewdness and disorder.  What took my fancy was the world's first comic strip -- a young scholar tempted into debauchery by Satan himself -- plus how to whiten your teeth with sulphuric acid and cuttlebone powder.  Plenty, in short, for a bawd to chew on.

Undoubtedly Zenobia, too, shall cover a gamut of  groovy activities -- all that  takes Zenobia's fancy -- for the ancient and medieval worlds.  

So, kindly get cracking and send me your nominations. 

Photo: Maracatu carnival dancers.  Photobucket image by Rodgj 

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