24 May 2008

The Best Yet Mansour Rahbani Zenobia Video

As seen at the Amsterdam All-Zenobia Day today.

It was part of Robbert Woltering's presentation: Zenobia Lives! The Modern Arab Reception of al-Zabba [Zenobia]. I couldn't wait to post it.

But I've no time to comment now; not even for a smile. So Robbert gets the beady eye tomorrow.

Prepare yourself, if you will, by reading my three earlier Mansour Rahbani posts, Zenobia Receives Royal Patronage, Zenobia the Musical and Conquest's Law, and Zenobia's Terrible Curved Sword.

I have lots to say (for better or for worse). But what an extraordinary Amsterdam Zenobia Day! Thanks to the Netherlands Classical Association, along with Ex Oriente Lux, Laverna (University of Amsterdam), and the Athenaeum Bookstore.

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