31 May 2008

Seminar on Zoroastrian Religion, History and Culture

World Zoroastrian Organisation
Seminar on
Zoroastrian Religion, History and Culture

(Held in association with the World Zarathushtrian Trust Fund)

Sunday 1st June 2008

Shapour Suren Pahlav, "The conversion of Zoroastrian shrines and temples in Iran to Islamic ones."

Prof Stanley Insler, "Zarathustra: The Man and the Message."

Prof Kejia Yan (China) & Dr Takeshi Aoki (Japan) , "Zoroastrians and the Sassanian Royal Family in the Tang China (618-907)."

Gulbenkian Room
The International Students House
229 Gt. Portland Street
London W1N 5HD

Please reserve your place by telephoning Mr Darayus S Motivala on +44 (0)
1844 352 887 or email: darayus@motivala.uk

(Above) A panel from a Chinese Zoroastrian screen that surrounded the coffin bed in the tomb of the Sogdian religious leader (sabao) called An Jia, discovered in May 2000, at the eastern end of the Silk Route: Xi'an, Shaanxi province, Northern Zhou period (557-581 AD).

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